Monday, January 30, 2006

Wholesale Diamonds for Consumers? There Is No Such Thing.

If you've been shopping for a diamond online, you may have seen lots of ads and sites with a title of Wholesale Diamonds or something similar. Sounds great, diamonds are expensive so wholesale diamonds must be a great deal, right? THERE IS NO SUCH THING! At least not available to retail buyers like you and me. Take a look at some prices from these supposed wholesale diamond sellers and then compare them to retailers like Blue Nile, Ashford or Mondera - not much difference and sometimes the "wholesale" sites ARE MORE EXPENSIVE!

Unless you know someone who is in "the business" and has contacts with ACTUAL diamond wholesale companies, you're not going to find a diamond at true wholesale prices online or in any store, period.

I don't mean to sound angry, but this whole "advertising as wholesale" business is just plain misleading. If you want to find the best price on diamonds, use the Loose Diamonds Search Engine. You'll see inventories and prices from multiple RETAIL jewelers (because consumers can't buy from a wholesaler) and you can compare what each has and the available price differences between each.

So the next time you see an ad for "wholesale diamonds", don't believe the hype.